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Two packaging experts analyse five products in the market. The matrix they deploy is: aesthetic appeal, technical specifications, design aspects and above all, sustainability

12 Feb 2024 | By Disha Chakraborty


Krupa Sheth, Stratedgy

The real estate on this packaging is very limited, and it has not been used optimally. Reinforcing the shape of the mint in the graphic is fine, however, the texture makes the visual busy and does not add much value to the overall visual experience. The claims and the flavour callout could be given more importance, and there should be some differentiation between the product (lozenges) and the flavour name.

In my opinion, the "S" on the top shore triangle should be the same as the "S" of the logo. The different font takes away from the brand experience.

On the back of the pack, a lot of typography has been distorted. I feel, the choice of font could be better to aid legibility in this small size.


Nikhil Phadke, Elephant Design

8/10. Pop out the plastic box. Blue colour output resonates with the cool mint flavour and makes the pack look vibrant.

The emboss of the S logo of mint is striking and looks clear and crisp. This adds to the brand value.

Sticker print quality is sharp and vibrant. There is a simple pop out feature that dispenses single mint at a time.


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