ProductWatch: Arofine Polymers’ water repellent coating - Acrosol 33

During the IndiaCorr exhibition in Mumbai, Arofine Polymers showcased their water repellent coating named Acrosol 33. It is suitable for paper bags which require water repellency properties. The WhatPackaging? team visited the stall and spoke to the Pune-based manufacturer about the coating.

23 Nov 2022 | By Abhay Avadhani

Acrosol 33 bucket

WhatPackaging? (WP): When was it launched?
Arofine Polymers (AP):
 Acrosol 33 was launched a year ago in October 2021.

WP: What is unique about Acrosol 33?
Acrosol 33 is a water-repellent coating which is heat sealable as well.

WP: How easy is it to use?
 It is easy to use as it is suitable for application on flexo printing machines.

WP: How has the response been for Acrosol 33?
 The response has been good and we have had a considerable spike in demand since July 2022.

WP: What market is it aimed at?
It is mainly aimed at paper bag and shipper box manufacturers.

WP: How does it differ from similar products in the market?
 A unique property of Acrosol 33 is that it is heat sealable as well.

WP: What are the parameters to be considered while using Acrosol 33?
 This product requires an IR dryer for evaporating water. 

WP: Explain what its suitable for:
 It is suitable for paper bags which require water-repellent properties such as grocery bags.

WP: What are the bonding properties?
 Bonding properties do not apply in case of Acrosol 33

WP: What type of tests are being carried out on the adhesives?
 For every batch we check the physical properties of coating as well as application properties.

WP: What are the acceptance parameters among the corrugated box manufacturers?
 The water repellency effect should last a minimum of 30 minutes.

WP: What are the various applications of this adhesive? Is it suitable only for automatic lines?
 The adhesive can be used for a variety of applications such as paper bags, shipper boxes and it is suitable for automatic lines.

WP: What compliance does Arofine Polymers follow in India?
 Arofine Polymers is ISO 9001- a quality management system, ISO 14001 – environmental management systems, ISO 45001 – occupational health and safety management system certified.

WP: Some details about the factory:
Our factory consists of a fully automated manufacturing process which is DCS controlled for quality and consistency.

WP: How does it score on the merits like being trouble-free?
 It is easy to use.

WP: What is the price?
 The basic price is Rs 325 kg.

WP: Any feedback from your customers?
Our customers say that the suitability on flexo printing machines for Acrosol 33 makes it easy to coat on kraft paper.

WP: Contact person:
Chaitanya Joshi, business manager, domestic and export

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