ProductWatch: Felix Gluer

Parshva Shah, partner, Mahisa Packaging Systems talks to WhatPackaging? team about Poland-based Felix’s glue plotter. Equipped with XY-plotter, the glueing machine is designed to automate Mahisa’s glueing process with precise dispensing of hot melt and cold adhesives on a wide range of substrates

09 Jan 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Felix Gluer ups the ante for SMEs with quick and versatile glueing solutions that enhance their production capabilities

WhatPackaging? (WP): Name and model of the machine?
Parshva Shah (PS):
Felix Gluer. The device is available in several models based on the required size and features.

WP: How does Felix Gluer work?
The Felix Gluer applies hot melt and cold PVA glues in precise patterns and shapes using an XY-plotter system. Thereby, it enables automating the glueing process. Its semi-automatic material loading feature streamlines production flow, while
diverse glue application patterns unlock new design possibilities.

WP: What are its applications?
The Felix Gluer is used for creating POS/POP displays, corrugated boxes, custom packaging and foam inserts. It is capable of handling a wide range of project sizes. Other applications include glueing boxes, folders, displays, signs, furniture components and car parts.

WP: Ideal for?
Glueing in packaging extends its arms to suit a variety of materials comprising corrugated cardboard, regular cardboard, different types of foam (PP, PE, EVA), and felt.

WP: Who is the target audience?
The specialised machine is designed for manufacturers of POS/POP displays, corrugated boxes, custom packaging, and foam inserts.

WP: When was it launched?
The glue plotter was launched globally years ago. However, Mahisa became the authorised partner for Felix Gluer in India in May 2022.

WP: How does it contribute to the SME sector of the Indian packaging industry?
It offers SMEs a fast, efficient, and versatile glueing solution, enhancing their production capabilities and competitiveness in the Indian packaging industry.

WP: What sets the Felix Gluer apart from similar products in the market?
The Felix Gluer sets itself apart with its speed (up to 2.5-m/s), the largest bed size in the market, user-friendly design, and advanced software for easy operation.

WP: How convenient is it to use?
Another USP of the Felix Gluer is its user-friendliness and high glue application speed. The machine is equipped with a camera for remote technical support and a PC with all-hardware-compatible Microsoft Windows systems for convenience.

The machine’s intuitive software and innovative Photopath system simplify the creation of glueing paths, enabling users of all skill levels to efficiently manage even complex projects.

WP: Assembly line speed?
The glue application speed is adjustable up to 2.5-m/s.

WP: How does the gluer score on the merits like being trouble-free?
The machine provides glue consumption tracking, production time monitoring and a glue weighing option. It also offers remote technical assistance for software and operation with robust design and high-quality components that minimise downtime.

WP: Customer feedback?
No installations in India yet, but the installation of its first Felix Gluer machine is to transpire in February 2024. However, over 150 global installations have been made including companies like DS Smith, Sealed Air and holbox.

WP: Manufacturing compliance?
Adheres to international quality standards and relevant regulations.

WP: Price?
Ranges from Rs 80,00,000 to Rs 2,00,00,000 based on the model and configuration.

WP: Key customers?
Several companies across the packaging, display, and furniture industries are early adopters. While there are no installations in India yet, worldwide customers include DS Smith, holbox, Walstead, UDS, Sealed Air and Bigprint.

WP: Contact person and details.
Parshva Shah, Mahisa Packaging Systems
Tel: +91 98193 83303

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