ProductWatch: Java Paper Group’s NexFlex - range of papers

At the Cosmoprof show at the Jio Centre in Mumbai in October, Java Paper Group showcased flexible packaging applications of the papers replacing plastics.

25 Nov 2022 | By WhatPackaging? Team

NexPlus paper in use for flexible packaging applications for secondary packaging as a replacement to traditionally used poly packaging

What attracted our eyeballs is the brand: Koehler Paper from Germany. And the fact that NexFlex is a range of next generation paper for flexible packaging applications. The grade was yum; and presently it is available from 22 to 90 gsm. The NexFlex range consists of NexCoat (standard C1S), NexPure (Standard MG) and NexPlus (sustainable barrier paper).

The heat sealable NexPlus was launched in India in January 2022 and the other barriers have been launched a few months after. The product is aimed at segments such as FMCG, confectionery, food and pharma. The range is aimed at flexible packaging applications where plastic is being used traditionally and may not require a higher level of barrier. 

Hema Java of Java Paper Group told us, “The Koehler NexPlus is a range of paper manufactured with functional and barrier coatings. It is an innovative and sustainable packaging paper for the future that is suitable for a variety of end applications such as food packaging, tea bag overpacks and PET food packaging.”

The paper offers “everything” required for flexible packaging like protection of the packaged goods, protection from the environment and excellent processing properties. 

Sunil Bhatia of Java Paper Group added, “The Koehler NexPlus range provides heat sealability, mineral oil barrier (MOB) oxygen barrier, grease resistance and water vapour barrier. The heat sealable paper can be used for applications where the product itself does not require any barrier such as wrapping game cards. It may also be used in cases of secondary packaging where the primary packaging already imparts the barrier such as stand up pouches with mini chocolates or multi packs.”

The Koehler NexPlus range with mineral oil barrier can be used as a primary packaging for items such as PET food, pasta and noodles. The one with the oxygen barrier can be used for cold sealing and is ideal for snack food and chocolates.

Brands nowadays are conscious of every aspect of their packaging and can look into their portfolio to find many applications where the Nexflex range can replace their laminate-based packaging and in doing so, make the pack environment-friendly and easily recyclable.

Sunil Bhatia added, “The paper offers all required converting properties for the flexible packaging industry. The standard C1S and MG grade is good for applications like surface printing, laminations and coatings. With the functional grades, the need for additional processing is eliminated, thereby leading to higher productivity along with being 100% recyclable in the paper stream.”

The barrier grades are not available very widely as there is immense technological knowhow required in creating such a grade for any paper maker.

When queried about the USP of the paper, Sunil Bhatia said, “The USP of the grade would be the sustainability factor; all the grades are 100% recyclable and being made of paper they come from a renewable source of raw materials as opposed to options made out of non-renewable fossil fuels.”

Hema Java pointed out, “The change from plastics to paper is a long process and the single-use plastic ban imposed by the government is for limited applications and is targeted at food service segments. However, brand owners are conscious of the damage plastics are causing to the environment and are looking for alternatives to replace plastics.” Therefore, she said, Java Paper Group is keen to offer solutions. 

Hema Java said, “Our heat sealable paper is already in the market, and various European FMCG brands already trust in Koehler flexible packaging paper for secondary and primary packaging. The paper is manufactured with wood coming from trees grown in sustainably managed forests and it is easily recyclable.”

Sunil Bhatia pointed out, “Java Paper Group mostly delivers paper which are jointless or with one joint in a reel and the paper has enough strength to run on the existing lines trouble free. A converter can run the machine at the same speed as currently used with films, with minor adjustments.”

Bhatia added, “As mentioned, we are already in the market with our flexible paper packaging products and the feedback is positive from our customers. Hopefully in the near future we should be able to speak about more applications.”

Koehler is a certified ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001 and 22000 grade. Apart from these, the mills are working on contributing to the UN sustainable development goals. The mission statement of the company is, "Paper for the future."

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Sunil Bhatia
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Phone - 9820303966

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