ProductWatch: Miraclon's Flexcel NX Wide 4260

Hersh Lulla, marketing manager - Asia Pacific, Miraclon talks to Aditya Ghosalkar of WhatPackaging? about Miraclon's Flexcel NX Wide 4260 platemaking system serves as a comprehensive solution for digital flexo platemaking

07 Mar 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

The Flexcel NX system empowers printer-converters with ease of use

The Flexcel NX Wide 4260 is not just an imager; it is a complete ecosystem. It combines the Flexcel NX imager and laminator with the Flexcel NX central software for plate layout optimisation. This integrated approach simplifies the entire platemaking process, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity. 

Lulla says, “While the 4260 is the most popular format size for its versatility, Miraclon offers the wider 5080 system for high-volume operations and a mid or narrow option for narrow web applications.”

So, what sets the Flexcel NX Wide 4260 apart? It eliminates the complexities of traditional flexo processes. Miraclon provides an efficient imaging system plus user-friendly software. This unique solution empowers users with maximum control throughout the platemaking process.

Miraclon's Flexcel NX technology was introduced in 2008. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures customers can access the latest advancements without needing entirely new hardware. 

The Flexcel NX Wide 4260 caters to a wide range of players in the flexo printing industry. Trade shops, flexo plate makers, and even printer-converters looking to bring their plate production in-house can benefit from this system. 

Lulla emphasises, “By minimising press stoppages, improving speeds, and helping achieve sustainability goals, the Flexcel NX system empowers printer-converters with ease of use. From prepress operators to pressroom personnel, everyone involved in the packaging value chain experiences a simplified workflow.”

Miraclon's manufacturing facilities in the USA and Japan, coupled with their R&D centres, ensure their products adhere to the highest quality and environmental standards. 

“Miraclon prides itself on being a trusted partner for its customers' flexo journeys. Its comprehensive technical service and support structure are built on their core philosophy of long-term customer success,” says Lulla. “This support system combines flexographic expertise, an award-winning technology platform, and a global network of local specialists.”

Miraclon will be present at the upcoming Drupa 2024, so be sure to visit them at Hall 15, Stand F50.

Contact: Hersh Lulla | +91 98205

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