ProductWatch: Polyart's TE labels

Where product authenticity and consumer safety are paramount concerns, the need for effective tamper-evident solutions in packaging has never been more critical. Know about Polyart TE (Tamper Evident), a facestock engineered to meet the stringent demands of tamper-resistant labelling, from Ruchit Vora of Arjobex Polyart

02 May 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Polyart TE makes a foolproof facestock, carrier for all printing methods

Polyart offers security solutions including products with fibres, polydots, special coatings and frequency read taggants to name a few. As a manufacturer of bi-axially oriented HDPE film, Polyart provides end-to-end solutions to some customers on IML integrating security features seamlessly. Its flagship product is the Polyart TE, a tamper evident label solution.

Ruchit Vora, general manager, Arjobex Polyart talks about how Polyart TE (tamper evident) labels make a secure feature. Once affixed to packaging, any attempt to remove the label triggers its disintegration, leaving behind evidence of interference.

The core feature of Polyart TE lies in its highly cavitated core layer, which imparts low internal cohesion. This design ensures that any effort to tamper with the label results in immediate delamination and shredding, effectively thwarting unauthorised access to the packaged contents.

Vora shares with WhatPackaging?, “This grade has garnered success in two states, prompting its qualification as the preferred solution for excise labels in additional states. Since intensifying its focus on the excise label business in 2016, Polyart has witnessed progress in India, buoyed by government support and advocacy.”

This label retains all the robust qualities of oriented HDPE film. It boasts exceptional resistance to water, grease, chemicals, and even extreme temperatures as low as -60°C (-76°F), making it an ideal choice for a wide range of packaging applications.

“Polyart leverages QR code technology to enhance security and traceability. Each QR code is unique and non-cloneable, and its compatibility across diverse substrates pave the way till the point of sale, toward interconnected smart packaging solutions,” adds Vora.

Polyart TE offers good printing and converting performance, with easy integration in production processes. It accommodates all conventional printing techniques, including offset and flexography. Plus, its compatibility with thermal transfer printing and precise die-cutting capabilities at high speeds further enhance efficiency and accuracy during manufacturing.

By minimising waste and optimising productivity during the converting process, Polyart TE delivers tangible benefits to manufacturers. Its excellent dimensional stability and reliable automatic label dispensing contribute to smoother operations, reducing downtime and improving overall output.

From warranty seals for spare parts to luxury goods, pharmaceutical products, wines, spirits, and chemical drums, Polyart TE caters to a diverse spectrum of industries where product integrity is paramount. Its versatility and reliability make it the go-to choice for brands seeking to fortify their packaging against tampering and counterfeiting.

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