The importance of recycling: Disposal is crucial in packaging

A NGO that promotes recycling plastic waste, Recycle India Foundation (RIF) aims to bring awareness about recycling in India. Packaging insiders share their views on the recycling aspect of packaging in a conversation with Vedant Bhalwatkar

22 Jun 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

RIF: We aim to educate people on waste disposal and help make India clean and green again

Recycling is a must. Disposal plays a critical role in packaging. Designing must be practised with these factors kept in mind. Thereby CII-IPP has set a PET design mandate for recycling. The roadmap that will promote a circular plastics economy in India.

Shraddha Kadam, packaging specialist, Unilever says, “The brand should focus on the functionality and user experience over aesthetics. Minimal aesthetics is the key to premiumisation.”

“If the brand is oriented to sustainability then it should educate consumers on sustainability, and make them aware of the environmental impact. This will teach them to be equally accountable since disposing of the pack in the correct way is important too,” adds Kadam.

“Easy-to-carry, open, and reseal packaging is preferable. A good packaging material would not deform before it reaches its destination,” says Raksha Shetty, client servicing representative, imsglobal. “A unique shape for the packaging boosts aesthetics. It grabs the attention of buyers and provides easy handling with storage flexibility.”

Shruti Belose, packaging development executive, R-Pac says, “For women, there should be better disposal packaging provision for sanitary napkins.”

Biggest problem is plastic. The industry needs to work together to find a solution for plastic recycling, making products which could be decomposed saving the environment.

Recycle India Foundation is a country-wide organisation, currently spread across 29 states, 3 union territories and over 60 cities. It enables e-waste management program, provides producers and global brands with comprehensive Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) services.

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Which is the sustainable packaging product among MSMEs that is most popular?

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