XRD Nano pioneers inline holography nanostructure

XRD Nano exhibited their nanostructure UV technologies at Plastindia 2023 held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 1 to 5 February. Its sales director, Guri Dhillon, gives insights to Team WhatPackaging? about XRD’s products and initiatives.

28 Feb 2023 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Guri Dhillon at XRD Nano’s stall during Plastindia 2023

WhatPackaging?(WP): How has the Plastindia show been for you?
Guri Dhillon (GD):
We came with low expectations. This is because since Covid, the response at each and every venue has been a washout. At a three-day event in China, we got only three visitors. We are pleased to be at Pragati Maidan and overwhelmed by the response. And we'll be coming back again.

WP: What are you displaying here?
We are into the main product line of micro-structures and nano-structures. At XRD, our expertise is with the matching chemistry, customisation in the machines, and also developing new products like nanotech. Our key focus is to replicate high-aspect-ratio nanostructures and seamless embossing technology.

WP: What are the typical application areas in packaging?
To make the transfer code for the offset market; also the flexible pouches. Also there is a constant cure for the tobacco-chewing market or for other applications such as whiskey cartons. Our machine is the first one, for digital or flexo printers, which will make in-line holographic along with metallisation. There is no machine in the world which exceeds 100 line speed, depending on how deep the structure is. 

WP: What is the advantage?
The advantage is that it's applied by gravure process. That means you can do thin lines, which you can't do in a portfolio and it's probably 10-15% of the costs.

WP: What is XRD’s growth in India?
Within the umbrella of micro-structures, we are basically a technology company. We invented an accurate UV combination machine. The present global standard is 10 micron, which we're demonstrating with two micron machines. We develop both. Now we are dealing with antibacterial surfaces, which eliminates the use of chemicals.

We are hoping all the holographic companies can be our customers. By the end of the year, we will have plastic foils in Mathura. We hope by the end of year we should have 14 or 15 machines.

WP: What is your plan for this year?
We have three new products. Two of them are for packaging and one is for the antibacterial segment. We invested into the research and development. We are working to set up sales targets; have a pipeline of ideas and projects. We look forward to increased sales to bring in more products in the market.

WP: How would you describe your team and operations?
We are mainly a consultant-led company; comprising 15 consultants and 10 consultants from Cambridge. We do projects with universities to come across people, especially those who have invested 30-40 years perfecting some projects but are stuck at the last stage. And so, we provide expertise in achieving their goals. This is how we promote their growth but also bring in many more like-minded people. 

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