Fine Organics specialises in additives for specialty applications

Fine Organics, headquartered in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, has prioritised sustainability. Disha Chakraborty looks at the green surfactants and anti-blocking additives which have been introduced in the market.

02 Dec 2022 | By Disha Chakraborty

Fine Organics is supported by qualified technocrats in marketing, production and quality control that provide exceptional support to our customers, suppliers and distributors. It owes its growth and success to its expertise in oleochemistry, in-house manufacturing technology, customer-centric research and development and a techno-commercial mindset.

The company recently displayed its special product, Finawax series (atomised powder), a slip and antiblock additives for printing inks. These additives are known for their slip and antiblocking properties on the surface of the polymer films and they offer equivalent Coefficient of Friction (CoF) values on printed and non printed surfaces. Scratch and scuff resistance, good solubilities in co-solvents and resins, improved tape test performance, efficient degassing agent, improved homogeneity in formulation are few of the additional features of this series.

Earlier this year, Fine Organics introduced Plastaid – the trusted range of multifunctional processing aids for high-quality filler dispersion and process efficiency improvement. It  also brought FinaGreen- a green surfactant  into the market recently.

Fine Organics (founded in 1970) was established by Ramesh Shah, a Mumbai-based businessman with experience in chemical trading and Prakash Kamat, a skilled technocrat from Institution of Chemical Technology (ICT). They envisioned the potential of oleochemical derivatives and created an organisation founded on the pillars of innovation and passion.

Fine Organics introduced the Indian market to high-quality additives for specialty applications with raw materials from locally-grown plant sources and quality levels on par with international standards.

Today, Fine’s range of innovative additives have expanded their reach into several specialty applications in food, plastics, cosmetics, textiles, paints, inks, rubber and many more. Their products are accepted globally due to their consistent quality and competitiveness. A technology and customer-driven company, Fine Organics, enjoys a privileged position in the specialty additives industry globally.

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