Canpac sets up Altpac for sustainable eCommerce packaging

Ahmedabad-based packaging specialist, Canpac has established Altpac, a division focussed on sustainable packaging, to offer eco-friendly packaging, within the eCommerce and retail domains.

25 Oct 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Team Altpac: (l-r) Mehul Agarwal, Raghav Maheshwari, Priyanka Maheshwari, Raag Todi and Gautam Modi

Altpac will focus on providing sustainable packaging alternatives, such as eCommerce mailers, retail shopping bags, and eCommerce boxes, to its customers. The new packaging arm will leverage Canpac’s pan-India packaging operations to fulfil customer demands.

Ecommerce is India's fastest-growing channel for commercial transactions. Direct-to-consumer brands and quick-commerce companies are changing the landscape of India's retail market.

“Altpac will offer a unified omni-channel packaging to brands that will provide the same performance online, in-store, and throughout the supply chain, ensuring brand consistency and operational efficiency,” said Raag Todi, junior director at Canpac, which Nilesh Todi spearheads.

Canpac established Altpac in joint-collaboration between Priyanka Maheshwari, Raghav Maheshwari, and Mehul Agarwal, professionals specialised in online packaging supplies. The mission and vision is to achieve new Alpac team, having scaled their own sustainable packaging company and supplying to some of the key players in the Indian eCommerce space, are excited to be part of the Canpac group and believe they can make the world a better place by replacing plastic with recycled paper packaging.

Canpac has printing and packaging plants in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, employs 700 people and over a hundred technical experts to run the stations. Its packaging solutions offer multiple options including duplex printed cartons, corrugated cartons, flexible laminate pouches, paper bags, and rigid boxes. The company has a goal of becoming a Rs 500-crore company in the next three years.

Raghav Maheshwari, director of Altpac, says, "We want to provide our customers with an end-to-end solution to adopt sustainable packaging for their brands. With Altpac, we will be able to address every need that new age companies require for their packaging without harming the environment."

According to Priyanka Maheshwari, director of Altpac, India can become a global export powerhouse as cross-border trade simplifies and demand for Indian-manufactured products increases, requiring world-class yet sustainable packaging for these products. "Canpac's advanced manufacturing setup and scale will help us service different industries and give them sustainable alternatives. We will be able to overcome the challenges we faced as a startup trying to match the scale of the exponentially growing eCommerce space."

Todi cited, from a report, the worldwide eco-friendly packaging market is expected to reach USD 269-billion by 2030, driven by growing awareness among brands and consumers for the planet. “As the phygital form of commerce expands, so will the demand for product packaging. As part of our responsibility to the environment, we will continue to invest in a sustainable future and hope to help companies worldwide shift to sustainable packaging alternatives."

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