DIC features its range of colour management services

At the 12th edition of the Asia Coat + Ink Show Exhibition, held at Mumbai, from 17 to 19 November, India's one of the leading printing ink companies brings to the fore its technologies to revamp the next generation printing ink and coating market.

10 Mar 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

DIC’s colour management solutions for all printing and packaging services

The level of colour management continues to vary between converters, even to the point that in some cases, colour on press is still evaluated by sight alone. Adoption of the latest system is being done in the field of colour management.

SunColorBox (SCB)
SCB is a set of tools and services that enable digital colour communication throughout the packaging supply chain. This is a web-enabled, colour-matching and validating platform; aimed at supporting packaging printers and converters produce brand colours consistently, within a fully optimised digital process.

“To start the journey towards a complete, digital colour management workflow and away from working with a physical colour standard, a SCB specialist will digitise the existing spot colour portfolio using a spectrophotometer under very controlled conditions, so that there’s no variation or inconsistency in the process,” said Tomojit Coomar, spokesperson of DIC.

SCB connects multiple customer sites allowing them to work from the same central data. It is an integrated ink formulation and QC functionality software. Batch quality can be checked by colour quality. All batch records are stored and the data may be used for leftover facilities thereby reducing inventory and time.

Sun Match
This is a web-enabled, colour-matching validating platform with access to a colour-matching software with ink formulation capability. The platform is hosted on the Sun Chemical network, without investment in the full suite.

The advantage of such a system avoids repeatability or to create duplicate or very similar shade by finding the colour from a customised palette and reducing inventory as well as time. By using the facility of leftover, press return ink can be utilised in new or existing shade.

Sun Colour QC
It is a quality control platform where batch quality can be maintained. Also, it encourages brand owner customers and vendors to invest in their relationship by adopting technology that will minimise the risk of delivering incorrectly printed packaging.

Coomar briefed about the standards employed consisting of - Pantone Live dependent libraries covers 80% of the application technologies. More than 30 dependent libraries are based on Sun Chemical ink on different substrates. Brand owner specific libraries are built on-demand colour data from real ink on real substrate.

Sun Digi Guide
A digitally printed book of an individual customer’s production colour.

Sun Digi Proof
Colour-accurate inkjet swatches printed outside onsite and on demand Colour support: DICIL helps to standardise brand colours, colour training software SOP, a colour audit, an ink dispenser consultation, a process calibration or any help rationalising or harmonising colours.

DIC India has first introduced the cloud-based ink-matching software tool box SCB in the nation's packaging industry in 2020. The company prepared their own base colour database for offset, gravure and flexo in the lab and validated at their own ink kitchen. After the successful validation it has been introduced in the offset packaging market in Q4, 2022.

DICIL has established SCB at five customer’s IMC with full package and technical support. The package deal consists of hardware, software, unique SCB-ID and other small-matching equipment without any extra cost.

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