Domino to reveal its new technology amid consumer landscape shift at the LMAI Conference 2023

In mid-2022, Domino Digital Printing Solutions announced that it had registered substantial investment by label converters into adding variable data printing (VDP) to its label manufacturing demand. The company had reported growth in the number of K600i printers installed worldwide.

17 Jul 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

PrintWeek, in early 2022 had reported that Hyderabad-based Mold-Tek Packaging had invested in two high-speed, K600i UV-curable inkjet printers from Domino. Ajay Rao Rane, vice-president, digital printing solutions at Domino India, said, “The K600i is helping the Mold-Tek to deliver quality products at speed and in a way that helps them streamline their operations.”

Since the Mold-Tek installations, Domino has installed four more K600i systems in India and another two would be installed soon, said Raorane. Besides the K600i inkjet printers, Domino has installed four Domino N610i digital label printing presses in India.

According to Raorane, the consumer landscape is changing. “Consumers now have more power and expect personalised and interactive experiences.” He added, “At the LMAI Conference 2023, Domino’s presentation will rise to the occasion by focusing on why labels and packaging converters should adapt to these changing expectations and stay competitive using digital technology.”

The significance of digital printing lies in its virtue of reducing changeover times and increasing the efficiency and throughput of label printing operations. “Streamlining changeovers is key. We will discuss our new press with its latest and greatest features, enabling labels and packaging converters to minimise downtime between print jobs. This would help them meet the demand for faster turnaround times and accommodate shorter print runs effectively,” explains Raorane.

Digital printing is an enabler of personalised labels and packaging. But there’s one question that keeps popping in the print circle – Big investment, but where is the money? Raorane agreed that the initial investment in digital printing equipment could be significant, and it is important to acknowledge this fact. “But the potential for generating revenue and maximising profitability lies in several factors,” he said.

PrintWeek/WhatPackaging? asked Raorane to elaborate. “There are many (see box). For example,  digital printing allows labels and packaging converters to offer personalised labels and packaging, catering to the growing demand for unique and tailored products,” he said. “It is essential for label converters to carefully analyse their target markets, customer needs, and competitive landscape to determine the potential ROI of digital printing investments. By leveraging the advantages of digital printing and effectively marketing their capabilities, label converters can unlock revenue streams and achieve a positive return on their investment over time.”

Raorane thinks that the trends and developments in the food and beverage industry augers well for the label and packaging converters. “Some key areas that label and packaging converters can look out for in this sector are - sustainability and eco-friendly packaging, tractability, food safety, and smart and interactive labels, among others. Labels and packaging converters should monitor advancements in these sectors to identify opportunities for collaboration, diversification, and innovative solutions that meet evolving customer demands.”

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