Esko anticipates packaging trends for 2024

Packaging Trends 2024 Report is a strategic move from Esko to support its customers who are into FMCG and pharma. The company surveyed over 530 packaging veterans to understand packaging trends, challenges, and opportunities for 2024 and beyond.

30 Jan 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

One of Esko's key focus areas: to understand which technology has the most impact on packaging in 2024

Matthew Haws of Esko says, “The packaging industry is constantly evolving, driven by advancements in technology, changing consumer preferences, and sustainability demands. Businesses must not only adjust to this transformed landscape but also position themselves to excel within it.”

The study identified challenges that are expected to unfold in 2024. These include high prices, switching to local sourcing, and socioeconomic instability, resulting in high interest rates and inflation, a chain reaction of events that stemmed post-Covid.

Also, the demand for packaging expertise continues to outpace the availability of experienced workers. 46% of the packaging professionals surveyed say accommodating skills and personnel shortages is a big challenge for 2024. And, packaging professionals with expertise in areas such as digital printing, sustainable materials, and innovative design are in particularly high demand.

On the automation front, 42% of those surveyed believe automation will have the highest impact on the print and packaging industry in 2024.

AI, machine learning, and automation are expected to continue to cause a tremendous revolution in the packaging sector. From optimising processes to enhancing creative design, these technologies are pushing the boundaries of what packaging can achieve.

“Sustainability is driving innovation in packaging, with a focus on optimising materials, transportation, and reducing waste,” said Jijo Dominic of Esko.

The report also focuses on materials optimisation with the ban on single-use plastics and the use of eco-friendly materials. such as recycled paper and biodegradable plastics.

Jan De Roeck of Esko emphasised, “Sustainability is the top trend, with a focus on progressing towards a circular economy, a value chain which recycles post-consumer packaging waste and turns that into new raw materials. It’s time for the recyclers to actively participate in this value chain.”

Also, many companies are adapting EPR programs, shifting the responsibility for packaging waste management from consumers to manufacturers. This places greater emphasis on design packaging with recycling and sustainability in mind.

In 2024, companies must prioritise the optimisation of shipping and logistical processes to contribute to reduced carbon footprints. From efficient route planning to the use of green transportation options, every aspect of logistics should be examined to reduce environmental impacts.

Consumers are increasingly seeking clear and easily accessible information about the products they consume, their origins, and the sustainability of both the product and its packaging.

Finally, brand owners and packaging manufacturers must communicate their commitment to eco-friendly practices and transparency.

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