GLS Films buys a Bobst laminator

Based on the performance of the existing Bobst laminator, GLS Films decided to add the second Nova D 800 Laminator with flexo trolley. It is ideal for high solid content adhesives up to 50% and can also do high GSM coating, making it work like a compact coating machine with multiple advantages.

26 Sep 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

GLS films buys new Bobst laminator

GLS Films Industries purchased a Bobst Nova D 800 Laminator with flexo trolley and a CI flexo printing press to enhance their portfolio and augment their capacity. 

The company has been committed to Bobst since 2012 when they invested in their first Bobst machine, the RS 888 (300 mpm). Later, as they expanded further, they added a rotogravure, the Nova RS 5002 (350 mpm), which was installed in 2019. In 2022, they went on to add a Vision RS 5003 (450 mpm) press and very soon will be receiving the fourth Vision RS 5003 (450 mpm).

It is also ideal for superior optical quality due to the flat coat and excellent for retort packaging. 

The machine enables high-speed coating of solvent-based adhesives with high solid content, allowing for 20% less adhesive usage with high solid and low coating weight. The machine flexo system offers higher performance in terms of working speed and uses 65% less solvent dilution compared to the rotogravure coating process. This makes it highly sustainable from the “reduce” perspective and the solvent retention is also reduced due to lesser solvent.

GLS Films also invested in Bobst's state-of-the-art technology the Vision CI flexo press, which has a speed of 400 mpm and is suitable for water-based and solvent-based inks. The high print quality and registration accuracy of CI flexo printing are well-established, and flexographic presses can now compete against gravure. Bobst is recognized as the technology leader in CI flexo printing for flexible materials, offering innovative handling and maintenance concepts that guarantee a unique degree of machine availability and reliability while minimising the risk of operating errors. Bobst CI flexo meets the requirements of the most demanding package printing applications.

"We choose Bobst as our preferred equipment supplier because we know we can rely on their technology to achieve our goals," said Goyal. "We have partnered with Bobst over the last 12 years and our experience with all our Bobst machinery has been excellent. It is an efficient and cost-effective machine that features all the hallmarks of Bobst's expertise and know-how in this market," he added.
Sustainability is another focus for GLS FIlms. Goyal said, "We offer eco-friendly products in our portfolio as part of our corporate vision of a greener world and to meet the demands from brand owners and end users."

"Bobst's sales and service team in India is second to none, and it gives us peace of mind to know that we can rely on them to be there to back us up, so any downtime can be minimised, and we can deliver to our customers. Bobst has played a big part in our growth in recent years, and we look forward to continuing our relationship,” concluded Manoj Kaushik, COO, GLS FIlms.


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