Indian liquor packaging to rise thanks to Tag campaign

Daman-based Tag posted a series of creatives, essentially saying hello to select legacy beer brands that dominate the beer market. The campaign was launched on international beer day and shall propagate the rise of liquor packaging in India.

15 Aug 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Eye-catching packaging designs and messaging can help a beer stand out on the shelf

The beer market is saturated with various brands and products. A compelling campaign can differentiate a brand by highlighting its unique qualities, story, or brewing process. Eye-catching packaging designs and creative campaign messaging can help a beer stand out on the shelf and capture consumer attention.

The idea behind the approach is to establish connections, and show genuine appreciation to the brands that have paved the way in the industry. Tag has marked its presence while acknowledging its stance as a newcomer in a fiercely competitive space.

The brand will follow up its social media greetings with a tangible gesture of friendship by sending cases of Tag Beer to the offices of the brands that have inspired them. Tag looks forward to building a community within India’s beer culture.

Amit Ghatak, chief marketing officer, Khemani Group said, “I am thrilled to unveil our latest social media campaign for Tag beer. Crafted in collaboration with popkorn, the social media agency of the brand. Through an engaging series of visuals on our social media platforms, Tag, extends a warm greeting to select legacy brands that have long graced the beer market.”

Vishal Mehra, chief executive officer, popkorn, said, “Tag is a new brand, but their passion for this business and brewing is unparalleled. The way we are treating this is not a campaign, but rather a greeting from Tag, to all these well entrenched and loved brands.”

Tag beer and popkorn have unlocked this perspective by looking to create friendships, and the shared passion for beer. The campaign is live now and generating incremental buzz across Instagram and Facebook.

About popkorn

popkorn is a creative-first digital agency that runs on the principles of fast, forward and fun. Part of the V360 Group, popkorn believes creativity will always remain contemporary, and partners with leading world-class brands across alco-bev, aviation, hospitality, FMCG, personal care, fintech, agrotech, logistics, engineering and edtech amongst other categories.

About Khemani Group

The Khemani Group offers a diverse range of premium spirits that embody the essence of luxury and refinement. It stands as the proud home of the millionaire brand, Royal Special whisky. Royal Special is a formidable brand in western India. The Khemani Group has a long-standing master bottling agreement with Diageo and InBrew to bottle their world-famous whiskies in its own distillery. Demonstrating excellence in production capabilities, the facility boasts the production of potable grade ethyl alcohol  with a remarkable daily capacity of 71-KL.

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