ITC scores with two wins at the PrintWeek Awards

The two wins for the packaging major came in the Packaging Converter of the Year (Food & Beverages) and Packaging Company of the Year – Folding Cartons (Volume) categories. According to PrintWeek’s 25 member jury panel, ITC’s packaging design was “a visual treat”.

02 Dec 2022 | By Disha Chakraborty

ITC is keen to develop innovative sustainable packaging solutions on the laminated board and moulded fibre platforms

When chairman and managing director Sanjiv Puri of ITC spoke during the company’s AGM, he devoted special attention to paperboards, paper and packaging. Puri said, “I draw immense satisfaction that your company's paperboards and paper business is an exemplar in triple bottom line contribution with industry-leading performance, environmental stewardship and inclusive growth models that support millions of livelihoods”

The design solutions created by ITC was exemplified in the two-lakh Antiquity Blue whisky gift packs for Diageo India using structurally sturdy micro-fluted cartons with high-definition fluid art graphic print quality. A UV matte and gloss coating was rendered, and additional hot foil stamping and fine embossing. UV matte and gloss coating was rendered by the Heidelberg V machine, hot foil stamping with Bobst Expertfoil machine, embossing with Bobst Mastercut. The carton was rendered in shades of metallic silver, the CMYK palette of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, with two finishing hits of Pantone and gold.

The second sample, Oaken Glow whisky pack was a visual delight. Value-addition of the carton produced on the uncoated side of the virgin board. TITC focused on adding value to the existing carton, with visuals produced on the uncoated side of the virgin board with foil stamping. The soft graphics in shades of brown gave the carton a simple, natural look, and against this the brand logo in copper coloured foil – the highlight of the package – stood out strikingly. Reverse printing in a solid creamy brown colour finished off the elegant carton. Moreover, the clever structural design of a sleeve to hold the neck of the bottle and an auto-lock at the bottom made things convenient for the end-user.

The Black Dog got two new versions aimed at modernising the pack and providing consumers an elevated experience and making it a choice of drink for the next generation of enthusiasts. ITC used a variety of printing technology and combinations. The brand launched two different variants Black Reserve and Triple Gold Reserve.  made two modernised cartons to give consumers an elevated unboxing experience, combining multiple printing technologies. One carton was printed with metallic silver ink on the gravure press for a gleaming base effect, and then overprinted with the brand colours through offset UV printing technology. The base for the other carton was in black, with a palette of mild colours offset printed on it. A gloss drip-off effect has been strategically placed to give the pack a premium finish and enhance the branding. Classy copper foil and intricate embossing finish lends more finesse to the artwork.

The fourth packaging solution was a limited-edition festive gift pack for gourmet food brand Mad Over Donuts, which the judges found “delightful and fascinating”. Vibrant graphic design in a rainbow of colours came to life against bright golden foil on matte and silky surfaces.

All four samples echoed Sanjiv Puri’s mantra of “developing innovative sustainable packaging solutions on the laminated board and moulded fibre platforms” for major brands as well as recently launched several B2B brands to provide innovative options to the food & beverages and takeaway segments, amongst others. Puri shared with the company’s shareholders that “Given the heightened consumer and regulatory pressures to substitute single-use plastics, this area offers immense potential and ITC is committed to make a growing contribution to this sector.”


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