Lanxess upgrades Mesamoll plasticiser

A specialty chemicals company Lanxess has revamped its plasticiser portfolio with upgrading the sustainability quotient for its plasticiser Mesamoll, which will be available for distribution from October 1, 2023. The phthalate-free, well-gelling and exceptionally saponification-resistant plasticiser to further reduce the PCF.

25 Sep 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Cologne-headquartered Lanxess reveals its fully sustainable sourcing results in the product carbon footprint (PCF) of around 20 percent

Plasticisers optimise the processing properties of polymer materials, which leads to improved product quality or even new properties. These can include greater softness, elasticity, flame retardant properties or resistance to chemicals, weathering and migration.

“The switch to a more sustainable raw material base in the production of Mesamoll is a testament to Lanxess’s commitment to sustainability,” says Karsten Job, head of the polymer additives PLA business on the plasticiser update. “Helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint while meeting the demands of our customers for phthalate-free, reliable, and performing solutions makes us a frontrunner in the market.”

Lanxess reveals that over 30 percent of the input materials for Mesamoll will come from fully sustainable sources resulting in a reduction in the product carbon footprint (PCF) of around 20 percent. As this is calculated via the mass balance approach by the supplier of
the respective raw materials, there is no impact on the product quality or performance of Mesamoll.

Stefan Tiebach, head of global marketing at PLA says,  “We decided to stop the distribution of our conventional Mesamoll, and are solely distributing the more sustainable version starting on October 1, 2023. Our customers will continue to receive the usual product quality with the additional benefit of an improved sustainability profile.”

The company is committed to further reduce the PCF for its plasticiser Mesamoll in the future, even though the current, reduced PCF is significantly lower than most alternative plasticisers on the market.

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