Nordson unveils the ProBlue Flex at PackMach

Nordson India participated in the PackMach Asia Expo from 7-9 December. The highlight at its stall was the ProBlue Flex is a hot melt adhesive melter that is unlike any other in the market.

16 Dec 2022 | By Disha Chakraborty

Nordson stall at PackMach Asia 2022

When WhatPackaging? visited the Nordson stall, the star attraction was the ProBlue Flex – with its IoT 4.0 enabled hot melt adhesive melter, the EcoBead Inspect and Adhesive Tracking System (ATS). All of which when combined provide the packaging industry with the optimal solution against pop-opens, downtime, and adhesive wastage. 

As Mr. Sachin Athaley told us while showcasing the product, “The ProBlue is a product of revolutionary engineering that is customisable to suit application needs, integrated with the latest adhesive, dispensing technology by Nordson, connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) and field upgradeable solutions.”

The ProBlue Flex also has a ‘Melt on Demand’ function which gives it a longer life due to decreased likelihood of charring, and aids adhesive saving, eventually decreasing costs. When accompanied by the Adhesive Tracking System (ATS), EcoBead Inspect and PureFlow Hose, the ProBlue Flex is equipped to deliver improved adhesive performance by reducing material degradation, trackable and therefore modifiable adhesive dispensing levels and lowered product reject rates by optimising adhesive placement on substrates thereby producing a system that pays for itself in a period of months.

Athaley told us, “Economical and easy to use, the EcoBead Inspect enables the dispensing of short, intermittent bead patterns and inspects the placement of adhesive on a surface through a sensor mounted on the applicator.”

The EcoBead Inspect can interface with a parent machine to generate multiple error alarms if parameters for adhesive application are not met, producing adhesive savings from 30 to over 50 percent depending on the application.

On the other hand, the Adhesive Tracking System (ATS), directly measures adhesive volume, and alerts the system when the amount of dispensed adhesive is out of a predetermined band. Like with the EcoBead Inspect, it generates multiple error alarms allowing the user to correct the problem before it’s too late. By tracking the precise amount of adhesive dispensed onto a package, users can minimise adhesive waste and prevent pop-opens.

Supported by the PHD Chamber of Commerce (PHDCCI) as industry partner, the PackMach Expo targeted the F&B, confectionery & bakery, snacks, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.

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