PackMach 2023: IMA-PG India launches case-packer CPM-5

IMA-PG India launched a case-packing machine at the PackMach Asia Expo 2023 show. It is a medium speed with automation done according to market needs.

05 Oct 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Case-packer CPM-5 is a semi-automatic end-of-line solution

Navi Mumbai-based manufacturer of automatic machines and complete lines to satisfy the needs of the pharmaceutical industry modified its case-packing line-up.

The company demonstrated two products – a cartoning machine A1, and the new case-packer CPM-5, both integrated in a single production line with semi-automatic functionality. The former model was launched in 2017.

Ravindra Alve said, “Earlier, we had the fully automatic version of the same packer.

But with customer requirements, we developed this new concept, and introduced a stand-alone case-packer which can be integrated in the packaging line as an end-of-line solution.”

Alve added that such machine is ideal to and interests the pharmaceutical companies, which mostly focus on single-dose packing. However, its display at the stall eyes an opening for another market that is beverage, non-pharma market.

IMA-PG India believes that PackMach show will help it to enlarge its market from pharma to non-pharma. Since we primarily serve the pharma market to around 95%, the aim is to cater to offer small- to medium-output machines.

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