RSWM redefines packaging with recycled polyester fibre

Formerly called Rajasthan Spinning and Weaving Mills group, RSWM is a leading Indian yarn and knitted fabric manufacturer. The group has deployed six key initiatives that are focussed on sustainability, including renewable energy, biofuel adoption, and the recycling of PET bottles and textile waste.

18 Apr 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

RSWM's Bhilwara facility

Of particular significance is RSWM's focus on recycling PET bottles to produce polyester fibre. Where recycled polyester once constituted a mere fraction of the total output, it now comprises a substantial 50%.

This shift is poised to reverberate throughout India's packaging industry, as RSWM's increased reliance on recycled materials sets a precedent for eco-friendly packaging solutions. By repurposing PET bottles into polyester fibre, RSWM mitigates environmental impact and contributes to the circular economy by reducing waste.

Also, the investment in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, alongside efforts to minimise water consumption and achieve zero liquid discharge, underscores its holistic approach to sustainability with the initiatives aimed at  reducing the company's carbon footprint.

Looking ahead, RSWM's commitment to sustainability is set to reshape the packaging industry landscape in India, driving demand for recycled materials and fostering a culture of responsible production.

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Which is the sustainable packaging product among MSMEs that is most popular?


Which is the sustainable packaging product among MSMEs that is most popular?

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