Verma lays down points for data management in packaging

At the 5th Annual Packaging Quality and Innovations Summit India 2023, held at Holiday Inn, Mumbai, Vineet Verma, DGM - packaging, Tata Autocomp Systems, spoke about the importance of digitalisation in automobile packaging

20 Feb 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

Vineet Verma of Tata Autocomp Systems giving insights about packaging data management system

Verma began his session by explaining the types of packaging in the automotive industry. He said, “The inbound supply chain consists of part supplies from suppliers to manufacturing plants in protective packaging; suitable for various modes of transport.” He categorised the packaging materials based on the areas of their application. 

He said that for boxes, it includes; CFBs, metal racks PP boxes, FSC and collapsible bins. For protection, it requires VCI sheets, anti-rust oil, bubble wraps, paper wraps and tapes. For cushioning - EP foam, rubber foam and PVC trays. 

Then, he pointed out the challenges in the current packaging process. “The main challenge is data management. Having 25,000-plus parts available, the data for formerly used parts is not maintained,” said Verma. That is when he introduced us to the Packaging Data Management System (PDMS). He said that PDMS consists of packaging details, packaging data form, process definitions and information of stakeholders.

“The implementation of PDMS can help the company to have a centralised database in which users can track the revision in packaging, support quality is improved and also provides paperless approval,” Verma added. He divided the process into phases. The first of all is to have the IT department develop a portal for data capturing - existing part data from suppliers. Followed by implementing process and launch of a portal for data capturing and online approval of new project parts. The third phase involves reviewing and storing data. 

He said that the portal could have packaging related information such as; specifications and size; photographs and drawing files; material specification and cost breakup, and handling information. Later, Verma displayed the development screens for the PDMS platform. “As the portal contains different sections for all types of management information, different patterns and layouts are visible to the respective departments,” he continued. 

Implementation of PDMS can lead to automatic calculation of packaging tare weight based on input dimensions and number of parts per handling unit. It allows automatic calculation of packaging waste per handling unit and packaging efficiency. Users can upload photos of the part along with packaging at various levels and can also share additional features in footnotes.

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